E-Waste Collection


One of the fastest growing and most concerning types of waste being dumped here in Australia is e-waste (electronic waste). This is a term used for old unwanted computers, copiers, printers, televisions, VCR’s, DVD players, phones (including mobiles), faxes, modems, CCTV systems, radios and sound systems that are disposed of. The term computers includes monitors, keyboards, servers, laptop and desk top pc’s and play stations. Some other household products include microwave ovens, hair dryers, heaters, fans, room air conditioners, stoves and refrigerators.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures indicate that Australian consumers are the highest users of new technology in the world. A staggering 31.7 million computers, computer products and televisions were sold on 2007-2008. At the same time 16.8 million units were thrown away of which 88% ended up as landfill. You can do your part to reduce this by calling 1800 All Junk to collect your e-waste.

What toxic materials are contained?

Most people remain unaware that many of these products actually contain some highly toxic materials such as arsenic, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, cathode ray tubes, lead, mercury and zinc which can cause cancer, tumors, birth defects and mental health problems in people.

What affect can this have?

Dumping millions of tonnes of e-waste products in landfills is a toxic time bomb for our environment. Over time these products decompose causing heavy metals to leach into the surrounding soil and underground water supplies. Ultimately we can end up consuming this toxic chemical cocktail in our drinking water or our food chain.

How can I help the environment?

You can do your part for the environment by ensuring that these e-waste products don’t end up as toxic landfill. Several Sydney councils have already taken the initiative to ban the collection of these products from roadside cleanups, eventually more will follow.

1800 All Junk is committed to the safe and responsible disposal of e-waste products. We recycle as many e-waste products as possible; quite often materials contained in these electronic items can be re-used which reduces toxic landfill and the need to mine for new minerals or produce new materials.

E-waste products are manually dismantled with materials such as glass, silver, gold, steel frames, printed circuit boards, copper cabling and plastics all being recycled and used again. Any hazardous materials are removed and disposed of in a responsible and legal manner to ensure that they will not contaminate our environment.